Ask N. Harmonia Gropius
It makes me kinda sad to see that so many ask blogs are now dead :(. At least this one is staying strong :)

((it’s been like 4 years and im still not sick of N, someone send help


Of course if it were COLD, it would no longer be HOT, but…

…your societal turns of phrase are confusing anyway.





I get many questions of these three kinds; hygiene-related, about various regions, and about my exact location. While in-depth answers to all of those would require a lot of time and frankly more personal information than any of you really need to have, I can assure people that despite my appearance or what you may hear, I keep my personal hygiene and possessions as clean as I am able.

And I travel often! Some people also seem to be under the impression I reside at Dragon’s Den for all of my time, and I assure you that is not the case. It’s true I am there quite often, but I move around a lot. Mostly to get a wider lens and scope on the world and learn as much as possible. Partially because I assure you I would become quite frustrated if I were there 24/7.

Here, allow me to demonstrate all of these points with an anecdote:



Go ahead. Do your worst.

I wouldn’t know how to tutor or teach, to be honest; I am extremely gifted in both fields and anything I imparted would be more or less “freebies”. And if I just GAVE you all the answers in life it wouldn’t be very fair, would it? You wouldn’t know how to do it later! The best part of math is all the learning!


Does the admin have a main/artblog or

(( i do! :)

most of that is pretty old tho and rarely updated, i have a comic that updates p frequently with more stuff on it:

nsfw warning cuz they both have some nudity and stuff tho! (the comic has more content warnings on its about page). thanks for the interest! <3))

I’m fairly certain most of them have bottoms. I haven’t investigated that closely, but I mean, I was almost positive that was kind of a given with a large majority of humans.

…unless you’re implying some Freudian theory about their personalities, I read in some book somewhere humans connect anal retention (or lack thereof) with later personalities. You all have some strange ideas about development; you’d have to ask them about that yourselves.



There are a billion and one questions with your etymology, and I DO sometimes fall prey to curiosity but most times I try to just focus on the bigger questions.

…except your sexual slang will always confound me.


((sorry for the inactivity! (well more than usual) finals were more intense than usual this year. STUFF IS COMING UP SOON THO. EXCITING STUFF.

i don’t want to just leave you w/ nothing so HAVE SOME DOODLES AND/OR UNUSED ANSWERS I FOUND LYING AROUND: